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  Reduce healthcare costs

  Enhance retention with optimized benefits

  Create competitive advantage

  Mitigate financial and compliance risks



  Employee advocacy and escalations

  Enrollment support and daily processing

  Turnkey benefit administration and tech

  Compliance updates and support



  Optimize medical plan value

  Plan guidance via Concierge call center

  Steer to efficient healthcare options

  Enhance health and well-being



Providing benefit plan design, benefits implementation,  national carrier access,  compliance, cost mitigation, decision-support, and well-being programs for hospitality, technology, and association employers and their respective workforces.

Health & Wellbeing

A full suite of affordable offerings to help employees stay healthy, engaged, and financially secure.




Employer & Member Services

Programs and services to maximize benefit dollar spend, optimize service delivery, and enhance employee experience.


Compliance Surety

Turnkey regulatory compliance solutions for tracking, reporting, and decision support analysis.




We take care of your plans, compliance, and people, so you can take care of your customers and bottom line.



The average U.S. employer spends > 20% of total compensation on benefits, with employers covering nearly 70% of employee medical costs alone. We make sure your investment isn’t wasted, by providing comprehensive, cost-effective plans that compliment your company and meet participant needs.


Complying with healthcare regulations is a full-time job all its own. We lessen that burden by ensuring benefit plans & policies are legally sound and mandatory reporting requirements are met.

Regain Time

Benefit enrollment & education, RFPs & renewals, plan measurement, compliance and population management, can steal valuable hospitality employer resources and time. We take on those consuming tasks, restoring your valuable time to focus on what matters most. Your customers.

Address Pain Points

Our expert team stays current on the latest news, trends, industry regulations & mandates so you don’t have to. Count on our decades of experience working in hospitality, employee benefits and healthcare law to lighten your load and reduce the pain.


"Form a service perspective, Hospitality Benefits is ridiculously responsive and helpful.  A stand-up company that understands the meaning of real service."

"Since switching over to Hospitality Benefits, we have had flat to low single-digit increases to our healthcare spend. This past year, HB actually reduced our health care spend while improving the plan.  Our employees are very happy."

"Transitioning to the Hospitality Benefits Consortium model saved us 33% compared to current costs. We now have a significantly better plan at a lower cost."

Director of HR Hospitality Company

"Hospitality Benefits has helped us resolve multiple compliance and employee issues on my behalf. This has freed up my time to focus on more important tasks."

EVP Operations Hospitality Company

“Anytime we have an issue or question, they get right on it and quickly get back to us.”

“Hospitality Benefits goes out of their way to handle and solve employee carrier issues, health plan questions, claim issues, and eligibility updates.  We are happy we made the move to Hospitality Benefits.”

Vice President Human Resouces Hospitality Company


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