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Overwhelmed by complex, ever-changing healthcare regulations?

You’re not alone — 77% of employers report concern over healthcare compliance.

Rely on our expertise and turnkey solutions to keep pace with your compliance responsibilities in an ever-shifting regulatory landscape.

Use our advanced technology to automate required regulatory tracking and reporting; benefits eligibility management; and, fee and penalty impact assessment.

We even handle employee notice requirements and federally mandated form filings.

Don’t let compliance be more difficult or time-consuming than it has to be. Let us help you.


Automatic Regulatory Updates Detailed for Your Plan

Drowning in regulatory releases that may, or may not, impact your company? Stay current and know when regulatory change requires action. Our automatic updates to all federal, state and local rules are complete with analyses of their impact on your plans, people, risk, and cost. Get a grip on mandated employer responsibilities, as well as, state-bystate exceptions regarding Medicaid expansion and other local requirements.

Actionable Analytics to Temper Regulatory Impact

Regulatory cost burden doesn’t begin and end with the Cadillac tax. Our experts can help create workforce management strategies that minimize healthcare regulatory impact. Use our trusted data and metrics to: forecast plan cost based on multi-year historical employee eligibility data and previous IRS reports; forecast and mitigate penalties and excise taxes; evaluate regulatory-defined plan affordability according to the law’s provisions and safe harbors; interpret month/quarter/annual employee and plan data to understand subsidy impact, cost trend and plan design shifts.


Plan compliance assurance from the nation’s largest employee benefits-focused law firm, covering:

•  Health plan design & operation

•  Fiduciary & tax matters

•  Health care

•  Plan funding & restructuring

•  Benefits-related policy & legislation


Ever need a second opinion but the person you need is unavailable when timing's critical?

Perhaps an employee’s action crossed the line but you’re unsure of the best approach because extenuating circumstances complicate the issue. Is your only choice to wing it and hope for the best?

Is HR just one of your many hats, but you’re not exactly an expert?

Don’t hesitate or take costly chances, with so much on the line.

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Compliance is a Beast. It Doesn't Have to Burden.