Combining firsthand hospitality and in-depth benefits experience for a unique perspective and proven results.



Hospitality Fostered Here  We’ve traveled in your shoes. We understand the challenges… and, we know the upside. Let our cultivated relationships and expertise help your company achieve a robust bottom line – healthy, engaged employees – market share capture.

Advocacy  Our concierge call center helps employees navigate health system complexities; assisting with care access and claim disputes. We provide one phone number for employees and coordinate across all lines of coverage…even between multiple carriers.

Plan Design and Implementation  Providing ongoing strategic guidance in developing and implementing the most effective designs that are the most appropriate for your company.

Regulatory and Compliance Support  Stay current on ACA, federal, and state requirements.  Enjoy automated regulatory tracking and rest easy with compliance support

Benchmarking  Where do you fall within the industry? Your company size? Your location? On the national level? Our hospitality-specific benefits benchmarking database ensures plan viability and competitiveness against like-size companies and industrywide.

Acquisition and Divestiture Support The hospitality markets are dynamic as ever with new investments or divestitures triggering individual property and entire portfolio changes. We’ve been on both sides of the table and are well versed in plan transitioning and managing upheaval. Hospitality is nothing without its people. And during transition, the last thing you need is for your people to worry about their pay and benefits.


In today’s healthcare landscape, plan cost management and oversight generally depends on actionable insights and access to claims data. We proactively and aggressively manage your healthcare dollars.

Real-time Reporting  Real-time. Accurate. Actionable. Get a jump on your company's health cost matters with 100 standard reports and automated notifications to head off issues off before they become big expenses. Your CFO will be happy.

Employee Plan Usage Audits  Ensuring plan participants are utilizing their benefits appropriately; and if not, implementing action steps redirecting usage (Urgent Care vs. ER, Generic vs. Brand).

Medical Utilization Navigation  High touch concierge services and care management for optimal outcomes. Connecting the sickest people with clinicians who can guide them into accessing the most efficient, high outcome care.

Precision Claims Administration by TPA having 95% customer retention ratio over 5 years, supporting 3,200 companies and 4.8 million members.

Claim Process Oversight from adjudication to appeal and subrogation. Our proprietary software scours systems for CPT code errors and audits are conducted with higher frequency to ensure procedural accuracy.


Hospitality Benefits takes the lead under your guidance during newly eligible and annual enrollment times, so HR (or management where HR doesn’t exist) can maintain focus on strategic initiatives and employee relations demands.

Customized communication materials to educate and promote your benefit programs include:

Enrollment Guides & Summary Plan Documents

Benefit Newsletters & Corporate Messaging

Wellness Engagement & Employee Decision Tools

Print and Fulfillment

Employee Benefits Portal App

Results-Driven Multilingual, Knowledgeable, and Multi-Channel Communications to Inform and Educate 

We know how to communicate and engage with hospitality employees to effectively:

Develop and deliver annual benefit communication plans

Educate employees how best to use their plan

Educate employees how to be better healthcare consumers and stewards of their health, keeping costs down

Increase awareness and appreciation of employee benefits, and by extension, the company


Extensive resource center for policy guidance, law reference and best practices at your fingertips

HR Call Center – staffed with certified HR specialists to answer HR questions, understand best practices, or to get a second opinion.

Training – 200+ online courses and webinars with tools for developing, implementing, tracking and reporting

Interactive tools – build employee handbooks, create job descriptions, benchmark compensation, structure performance evaluations, conduct HR Audits

Materials – on-demand webinars, guides and checklists for workers comp, state & federal minimum wage, emergency preparedness and much more


High Touch, Right Fit, Tech-Forward  As hospitality professionals, we understand the industry’s complex systems and workforce. We make technology work for you, when systems fail or don’t exist.

New Hire Onboarding  Our web-based process for automating new hire onboarding increases accuracy, compliance and efficiency to save you time and money.

Self-Service Portal  Where employees can personally handle benefit administration tasks, increases efficiency and frees HR and management staff from dealing with Protected Health Information.

Systems Integration  Shepherded by professionals with firsthand hospitality experience, for smooth implementation and minimal disruption.

Eligibility, Member Notifications & Ongoing Support  For heightened awareness of ALL benefit options during annual enrollment and throughout the year.  

Enrollment Services & Support  Our multilingual staff provides effective, reliable service to support and educate employees in choosing and utilizing right fit benefits.

Full Spectrum Benefits Delivery. High Touch, Right Fit, Tech-Forward.