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Benefits & healthcare solutions curated for hospitality, technology, and association employers. Designed to minimize cost and maximize benefit.



Responding to Hospitality's Unique Benefit, Workforce Management & Compliance Challenges  A full suite of affordable offerings and services to help manage benefit cost and enable employees to stay healthy, engaged, and financially secure.

Hospitality Benefits' Marketplace was created exclusively for the C suite down to the hourly staff. We have more experience in this space than any other provider, allowing us to personally optimize your plan design using actual hospitality employee claims data, resulting in the most sensible plan at the lowest cost possible. Once designed, we use our hospitality experience to implement the plan with minimal disruption to your organization.

New hires can conveniently onboard and benefits-eligible employees can compare costs, obtain provider and service info, and enroll via our multilingual platform.

Leverage a company that is laser-focused on your costs, applies proactive utilization management, channels centers of excellence, and emphasizes education to help employees become better stewards of their own health.


Hospitality Benefits is uniting companies into a broader buying consortium for reduced healthcare costs and turnkey benefit solutions.

Proprietary Pricing for both fully insured and self-funded plans.

Self-Funding Solutions for both large and smaller companies (as few as 20 employees).

State of the Art Technology & Benefits Administration Systems

Voluntary Benefits Platform with Consolidated Billing  Union and Fortune 1000 endorsed. State of the art billing of all voluntary benefit elections & premiums into one bill. An HR and finance team dream come true.

Service. Service. Service  All managed by a seasoned team of benefits and hospitality professionals experienced in multi property management best practices, cost mitigation, employee education & communications, health advocacy, technology selection and integration, and much more.

Consider our wide array of benefits crafted to affordably solve hospitality’s unique benefit, workforce management and compliance challenges.

We are here for you!


How coverage is funded is as important as the coverage itself.  We will assist you to determine which funding mechanism makes sense for your company.

Fully insured plans, where the insurance company sets the employer premium and pays the claims.  Premium dollars exceeding claim costs are kept by insurers.  Employers have limited control,  reporting, or transparency.

Self-funded plans, for companies with greater than 20 employees where the company pays claims cost but also keeps what they do not spend.  To offset high claims risk,  companies purchase reinsurance to cap exposure in any given instance and over the course to the plan year.   Employers have more control, access to reporting , and full transparency.

Reinsurance through our consortium purchasing affords highly competitive premiums to make self-funding an attractive option, even for smaller companies.

Self-funding can garner significant savings and increase control over healthcare design and dollar spend.  Let us show you how.


Networks  Top tier national network access, with regional strength. 

Comprehensive Coverage  Competitively priced major medical options designed for comprehensive care and optimized for cost savings. 

Plan Design  Customized plan designs tailored to your needs and supported by actual hospitality employee claim data, best practices, benchmarking, and 40 years of hospitality experience.

Third Party Claims Administration  Efficient claims processing, with direct access to the data for self-funded plans.

Telemedicine  Keeping plan and employee cost down, while increasing care access and convenience.

National Healthcare Provider Cost & Quality Database  Accessing the best care at best cost. A user-friendly solution to help employees navigate the healthcare system, identify the highest quality facilities and services, and save hard-earned dollars.

Wellness Support  Personalized health & wellness resources geared to address participants’ varied needs, from fostering health to managing new or chronic conditions.


Flexible Care, Added Security  Voluntary benefits are an excellent means of enhancing the overall value of a comprehensive benefits package or filling gaps in employer paid benefits. Employer paid benefit cost continues to significantly escalate, so we assist in evaluating current offerings and recommending solutions that meet employee needs without adding to your bottom line. You and your employees receive the benefits while we do the work.

Union and Fortune 1000 Endorsed Voluntary Benefits Platform 

Consolidated billing of all voluntary benefit elections & premiums onto one bill.  Ensures best in class benefit offerings without the hassle of multiple bills and points of contact.

Single Slot Billing  Allows employers to offer an infinite number of payroll deduction benefits through one payroll slot on a combined bill rather than a separate payroll slot for each benefit. Integrates with each benefit vendor on the platform, eliminating the employer's need for having to do so.

Preferred rates exclusive to the industry and on-site, telephonic, and web-based enrollment support

Options that resonate with your workforce and meet business goals:

Dental and Vision  Extending care to oral and visual health.

Hospital Indemnities and Limited Benefit Medical Plans  Help with hospital confinement, outpatient surgical, diagnostic, ER, and health screenings during periods of comprehensive benefits ineligibility. Employee paid, guaranteed issue.

Critical Illness, Cancer, and Accident Insurance  Monetary support for high deductible plan participants or those without medical coverage.

Life and Disability and Pension Protection  Piece of mind and a financial safety net.

Identity Theft Protection  Because bad people do bad things.


Reduce Healthcare Costs  Shift plan liability and reduce employer and employee cost by enabling eligible employees to move from employer sponsored plans to government sponsored coverage.

Support Retention with Right-Fit Benefits  Medicaid benefits are far richer than most employer plans, offering free family coverage, including dental and vision in most participating states. Most importantly, it can be free for qualifying employees.

Realize Bottom-Line Savings  Without changing carriers, plan designs or employee contributions.

Mitigate Risks  Experience rated and self-funded groups can reduce adverse selection.

Screen & Enrollment Support  Our enrollment counselors will screen and enroll eligible employees on your behalf, freeing HR and management to focus on department and business goals.

Working with Leading Providers, Carriers & Care Management Firms to Offer the Widest Choice at the Best Rates